Re: “The internal structure of the Group”

“You have only one Master, you are all brothers…” (Matthew 23:8b)

We have already written something about the brotherly structure of a Biblical community. There is no fixed, closed circle of elder brothers through whom the Holy Spirit speaks. Every Christian has the Holy Spirit.

“You have been anointed by the Holy One, and have all received knowledge.” (1 John 2:20)

Everybody is encouraged to give what he has, using all his gifts and strength. Guidance through God’s Spirit does not come through either a hierarchical or a democratic structure. What is essential is to recognise and to do what is right. Even if at first there are only a few individuals who recognise something to be right, it is however comprehendible and understandable for everyone. This is not a matter of blind obedience but of doing what we have understood to be right.

We do not use the expression “devoted Christian”. It emerged in the half-hearted protestant awakening movements. There is no such thing as an “undevoted” Christian.

We consider unity to be something very valuable and also attainable. It is not a utopia. For this reason disagreements among us are always a great challenge for us which we cannot simply sweep under the rug.

The claim that “little doubts” can lead to the insubordinate person being cast out is a slanderous reproach. Exclusion from the community is only justified in the case of false teachings or serious moral misdemeanour. In such cases it is even commanded in Scripture.

Kluge describes our way of dealing with money relatively correctly. Only that the voluntary nature of the community of property is not the subjective experience of a manipulated victim but objective reality which is based on brotherly love. The very fact that our sharing with one another works without fixed structures shows that everybody gives willingly and from his whole heart.